Diagnostic Service

Precision Tune auto care Centre with trained technicians using the latest diagnostic tool to diagnose and repair our customer’s vehicles. With extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of makes and models our skilled certified technicians are able to find the DTC and repair faults that are both identified by diagnostics and their visual inspection.




What is it the term Diagnostic stands for?

The modern car comes with complex electronic parts such as Traction Control, Immobilizers, Power Steering, Airbags, Electric Windows and Air conditioning System, Sensors like CKP, CMP,TP, O2 sensor, IAT, often fitted as standard and managed by the cars brain – Namely ECU (Engine Control Unit). When these systems are performing on power train, driving is a pleasure, but when a fault or warning light occurs, it is always advisable to have your car diagnosed by an experienced certified diagnostician with the right equipment at Precision Tune auto care to identify the fault and make the necessary adjustments or repairs or replace as soon as possible.





Warning Lights and Faults

Consider if there is a service vehicle soon or warning light illuminated on your dashboard, or you are experiencing problems with vehicle, it does not mean that you need to meet dealer for servicing. At Precision Tune auto careour extensive diagnostic equipment allows us to access the ECU of most makes and models of cars and light commercial vehicles to diagnose what exactly the problem is.




Fault Finding & Repairs

Once the technician get the DTC from your vehicle our certified technicians will check your vehicles ECU’s memory log for fault codes, and identify any faults or warning messages deliver by the extensive diagnostic tool.




We do advise clients that codes extracted by diagnostic tools are just a guide, and it is not simply a case of plugging in the code reader and clearing the codes. The codes is the source of resolving faults and are used by our skilled technicians to assists in identify and remedy any faults with your vehicle.


Once we have notice what exactly the problem is with your vehicle we would advise you for replacement parts or labour, we will provide a quotation for your approval before preceding any further step.Having completed the necessary actions or adjustments, our diagnostician will then clear the DTC from the memory of the ECU.