The steering system is responsible for translating the rotating motion of the steering wheel into the swiveling motion that directs the front wheels of a vehicle. The suspension system, on the other hand, controls the ride and handling of the vehicle. The suspension ensures that the tires keep a firm grip on the road, without compromising driving comfort. Together, these two systems are in charge of managing and controlling and minimizing bumps and vibrations in the passenger cabin.


Steering stability and handling are heavily relay on the performance of your suspension components. Routine maintenance, front end alignment service and inspections will keep your ride smooth and ensure that everything is working in top condition. Precision Tune certified expert would taking care of your suspension and steering hurdles to keep it fit and safe.



Typical items that require regular attention include:

  • Rear Suspension
  • Strut Repair
  • Replace Coil Springs
  • Shocks Repair
  • Replace Air Springs
  • Leaf Repair
  • Two and/or Four Wheel Alignment
  • Front End Suspension


Worn suspension can cause the following:

  • Can cause aquaplaning in cold weather conditions as they will not keep the tyre uniformly on the road surface and the water under the tyre tread forces it to lose contact with the road.
  • Travel Sickness and Driving Fatigue
  • Gradual wear means they often wear unnoticed.



Precision Tune certified expert would take care of your suspension and steering hurdles to keep it fit and safe drive safe.